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autocad plan in 3ds max...becoming insane!


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I need to work on a cad file in 3ds max 2013. I stripped the original plans of all the data I don't need. It's now, I think, a pretty small file. (see screenshot). But it's so slow I can't work on it. I must get like 1 frame every 30 seconds. The file i'm trying to use is only 1.54 mb lol.


My comp should be able to handle this. Core i7 2600k, gtx 670, 8gb of ram, SSD drive. 3ds max 2013 64 bits, windows 7.


I searching the whole internet and everybody seems to say...it's normal, it's like that. But it can't be...how do you guys work with these files lol? There must be a solution. We depend on the autocad files more than often, don't we?


Thanks for the help! :-P



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Max 2013 viewport performance was the worse, we actually skipped that version, we jump from 2012 to 2014.

any ways Max have problem with too many lines or too many object, it is always better to collapse and many polygons objects than many objects.

So as mentioned by others, select only the layers you need and insert in a new CAD scene, then collapse or put similar object in same layer, now if you'll use the CAD as reference only put everything in one layer and called it good, then when imported to MAX be sure you are close to the center of the scene or 0,0,0, then import your CAD and make it collapse by layer, you'll get everything in to one layer and it will perform a lot better.

Do not explode the hatch and do not import them either.

working with Quadro Card makes a difference over GTX in this department too, but follow what it been told and you should be a lot better.

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If the CAD line work is primarily composed using SPLINE's, that's your problem. Click on a line in Autocad, and if it has a zillion points along it, it's a horrible SPLINE. There are .lisp routines you can google to help you out by simplifying them, or you can re-trace the CAD file using nice, clean and simple closed polylines.

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