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Lap or desk?

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CPUs come in different versions for desktop & mobile use.

Those designed for the latter are usually parts with far less consumption, as mobile devices usually try to maximize battery life.


There is one strategy that guarantees that, and that of course is running the CPU @ lower clocks = laptops with "the same" CPU are usually slower. Sometimes notably slower, as we are talking parts with 50-75% less consumption. Performance comes from consumption - much like with cars & IC engines. Unless ofc you believe in magic.


Yes, there are exceptions to the above, with certain laptop chassis using desktop parts. Those are big & heavy "portable" desktops more than thin laptops ofcourse, and usually are coming with high performance GPUs & decent screen panels, along with a pricetag to match...I would assume 3+ times the cost for such a laptop vs. building a stripped down desktop render node.

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