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Pricing Guidelines for 3d visualization work

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This is my first post to this forum. I would first like to say that cgarchitec.com has some superb talent in its members. You guys are an inspiration to us all.


My question is a simple one.. I am relativly new to the architectural visualization comunity and am curious if there is any sort of pricing guidlines setup. If so, could some kind soul pass some links my way? If not, perhaps this could be a springboard for a nice thread. I belive when you are part of a community you must act like a part of it. This website is a great example of community. People here readily share information with each other out of love for the subject and its these types of comunities that inspire in me the urge to make sure that my prices don't harm the comunity in general by lowballing the crowd. This is a field where everyone involved is an expert in many areas and competition is non-agressive so if there is not a price guideline I sugest we make one. What do you all think?




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