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High Rise Test


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Studio/Institution: Private
Genre: Commercial Exterior
Software: Vray C4d



This is one of my first exterior renderings and so far i`m not really happy with the image because of the lack of saturation and shadows. (of course a lack of modelling detail too - empty spaces...)

I used an HDRI dome light (HDRI set to SRGB) . The Vray settings are not very Special (IR-LC) GI on.

LWF and 2.2 Gamma.

I am not sure if the saturation is just a texture issue or if there are ways in vray to push the values up.

Overall there is not enough contrast and the shadows are to week.


I would be happy for any critics...

high rise test.jpg

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hi guys,


thank you for your suggestions

now i changed some textures straightend the verticals and took a burn value of 0,1 but still in linear multiply, reinhard didn`t look too good at the moment. i still have to figure out how to improve the picture, but o think it`s a little bit better already. one disturbing thing now is the texture of the inner walls of the higher building.


will keep on working on it.

mini high rise test 5.jpg

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cg bldg.jpg I find a cheerful mood and color always helps.


Seriously though, just increasing the contrast the main facade is coming to life being lit by direct sunlight. I would play with that and have some nice shadow play on the ground to create visual interest.


Unless you wanted to pursue a moody bluish/gray vibe.

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