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coarse antialiasing

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I'm struggling with jaggy\coarse borders in Wirecolor, MtlSelect and other render elements. How can I get close to the output of the Rendermask


P.S. Played with different types of antialiasing filters and its sizes, 'Enable filtering' in Render elements- no luck.

Any suggestions?


Attached: The Rendermask output on the left,

on the right- mine.



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I render exclusively AA off with Good, Very Good (in SolidRocks terms) settings at ~4000pix width.

SolidRocks set Min\max values at 1\5 I render heavy scenes within ~2 hours, which I would prefer leave untouched.

But it appears that I have to inflate Min value up to 3 to get nice masks, which adds 25-30% percent to render times).

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