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how to fill volume with cubes

guenther Malek

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rayfire voxel modifier is an extremely handy tool!

but it only voxelizes the surface. the volume is hollow inside...


the only solution i found is realflow. i filled the volume and replaced the particles with cubes.

this is quite a hassle inside realflow but the only way i know..


Thanks everyone!

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Hmm nope you can do volume voxels with Rayfire - you need to pick 'ALL' rather than 'SHELL ONLY' in the viewport / render dialogue


Another way with more control (if you have access to Krakatoa and Frost) is to get your mesh then create a PRT volume out of it with Krakatoa (very simple) then mesh that PRT with Frost choosing to use box as the voxel type. Then you can fiddle around with the scaling, rotation and size.


imo realflow is not the best way to do it!

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Open Particle View (keyboard 6)

Drag mParticles Flow onto canvas

Select Birth Grid

Turn on Restrict By Mesh Volume

Click Reference Geometry button

Select your geometry.

repeat until good:

- move icon position

- Adjust Icon Size

Calculate Mesh Volume Limits


Change the boxes with combination of Grid Size and (under Shape) Size. Right now I always have to go back and hit Calculate Mesh Volume Limits (CMVL). I don't know if there's a way to get this to be a little more dynamic.


If only need the appearance of a solid mess of boxes, you can save some memory/time by turning on the Delete Internal Particles.


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