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Help needed with vray materials


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I'm using 3ds max and vray. I'm trying to do as realistic as possible visualization of a real photo. I have still problems with some materials. I have atteached here the real photo and my vizualisation picture. I will appreciate any help :)


Here are my questions:

1. The material in the wallpanels which are in the space between upper and lower cabinets is not the same as in the real photo. In the photo the material reflects light as window glass. In the photo the material is also whiter and you can see the grey lines more clearly. How can I make the material more realistic as it is in the photo?


2. The wooden laminate plane (working plane) doesn't reflect light at the same way as in the photo. You can see the difference next to the sink where it should reflect light mostly.How can I make the material reflect more realisticly as in the photo?


3. In the photo the wall paint is more darker in the back wall as it is in the window wall altough it is the same tone of the paint. In the photo there might be flash light that makes the paint to be lighter in the window wall. How can I make the paint work like that in the 3ds max?


4. How can I get the material of the sink and faucet to be more realistic as it is in the photo? I suppose the reflectivity of the material should be edited somehow.



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This is very confusing , because it seems you used part of the photo in your Cg image right?

I can tell right window, top light fixture, even the little plant at the back ground stove?

If you are trying to copy reality you need to study your sample scene, at first view the "original" image has already lots of photoshop work on it, that make it very hard to replicate.

Second the original image seems to have less lights than your CG model. The light temp is different, the original shot has a more warm where you CG image is all cold.

The position of your CG lights are no correct, this make the reflection different.

The materials need to be reviewed too, the glass tile needs more reflections, the counter smaller and softer bump. the sink Stainless steel is hard to say because the lighting is different.


Over all I could say it is a good test, but you should try with a less photoshoped image, and do not try to trick yourself replacing 2D images in your 3D rendering if you are trying to learn how light and material work on CG.

keep on trying and post your progress ;)

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yeah so I'm working for my friends company. They are renovating old apartments and selling them to new customer. The second pic is the real photo that a photographer has taken with fisheye lens. And now my job is try to do exactly the same image as the real photo is. So that they can build trust with customer showing them that the cg images look very much the same as the apartment will look like when it is ready.


In the future the company wants me to make them CG image of the apartment before the renovation starts. So that they can start selling the apartment beforehand and show the customer how the apartment would look like when the renovation is ready.


Francisco, thanks for your tips concerning lights and materials. I will work with your tips. Actually the tiles are not glass, they are plastic. Here is the link to the real material: http://www.ikea.com/fi/fi/catalog/products/30227078/


I will post pics later :)

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