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textures show in RT, max default render and viewport but not vray


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Any suggestions on this:




It's a model I downloaded from 3d warehouse. The textures show up in everything except vray.


When I import the sketchup model it asks if I want to use double-sided materials and without doing that, half the normals are flipped and don't even show correctly even when they're unflipped afterwards. So this is the only way to get it looking perfect in the viewport.


Worth noting: if I find the polys that don't show up, they correspond to blank textures in the multi/sub material. Those materials, double-sided, have what appears to be the correct material on the 'back' side but nothing on the 'front' material slot.


Flipping those polys doesn't help, nor does copying the back texture to the front.


Any ideas??

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Thanks for getting back to me.


Damn, I would have thought that such an option would solve this issue, but alas no. Problem is I don't have sketchup and I don't know how to use it and I'm very low on time. But may have no option.


Plus, it just seems weird because all the textures look ok in the viewport. This would imply that they don't need flipping etc.



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Right, I've figured out a work-around.


If I go into the double sided material and drag and drop the material that contains the correct texture over the material that contains no texture (i.e. writing over the facing material with the back material), it works fine. Rather than going into the material that has no texture and inserting the correct .jpg into the diffuse slot, which didn't work somehow.

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