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Complex shape remodelling + projecting splines on a surface

Guest ksymenaborczynska

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Guest ksymenaborczynska



I just ended modeling a draft version of the outside skin of a building and now need to prepare "proper" clean and quadified mesh, with no overlaps inside.


What would be the best way to do that if I want to keep all convex and concave surfaces as close to the draft as possible? Spline cage? Or ProBoolean?


I want to make interior visualisations as well and because of that need the possibly cleanest version.







Later on, I would like to create openings in the skin that would be bigger and denser in the area where the elements clash and would become smaller in other directions.

I am experimenting with Para 3D but I think something simpler would do.

Is there a way to project splines on a surface in 3ds Max AND control them after that by modifying the original splines?



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