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Sweeping along two arcs of different lengths


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Hi all,


I have two arcs of different lengths and I'm trying to sweep a profile along them, but when I sweep along the outer arc the sweep does not conform to the length of the inner arc (and vice versa, as expected). A little tough to explain in words but the screenshots below explain it better I hope.


I know it's possible to create this numerous other ways but basically I'm wondering if anyone has a way to do this in such a way that if I extend either arc, the sweep will update automatically. Much like the sweep modifier, just along both arcs.


Apologies if a bit vague, it's difficult to explain.


Thanks in advance.


The two arcs:

question 1.jpg


With sweep... yellow dots show where I need it to end:

question 2.jpg


Sweep profile:

question 3.jpg

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I think it's to do with the bezier handles at the end of the curve. If possible try and have the curve extend a bit beyond where you want it to end then delete the areas you don't require afterwards i.e. if part of a circle, apply sweep to the circle then add vertices where required, add edit poly and delete extra faces, cap ends.


Not sure about your second point.

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