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Need help with creating huge township


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Hello people, I am new to walkthough animations, I have done some image renders. I am planning to make a township walkthrough animation in 3ds max and vray for my demo. I am looking for a output similar to this

i have individual floor plans and and entire site plan, But no elevation plan.


looking at the video at first glance i taught it should have been rendered with vray and post-production in after effects, but looking closely at the character animations and it's looks doesn't feel like it's rendered with vray, Do you think it's done with lumion? Because i see some animations that 3ds max populate tool don't have. Like kids playing in the play area etc., Looking for some help, Thanks :)

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Don't get me wrong but I would suggest you start trying at smaller areas, like a couple rooms or a house first. Without additional entities like moving people and vehicles. Once you reach a fair level of confidence you may step on to bigger things. Everyone has a learning curve and takes time to achieve certain level.

This all is an advice since you mention 'new to walkthrough'. Also it would have been nicer if you had to put one or two of your recent renders to showcase what you can do now.

Take it in the right spirit and you will come along.

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