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Render To Texture(Texture Baking)

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Hi guys,

Been working on product rendering project(like furnitures) in max and vray,where i will have to bake the textures. The baked textures are working fine, only problem is that the textures look to dull and pixellated. Now my question is:


1. Is it possible to bake a high quality texture in max and vray where the fabrics and the wood will look actual rather than pixelated and blurred.

2. Is it better to use a different software like blender or unity(or somthing else) to achieve high quality baked textures.

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1. yes you can bake really high textures - like 4k or 8k but for repeating textures like wood fabric etc. its better to overlay them in your realtime engine and not to bake them - just bake the light solution.

2. the quality is not depending of the software you use for baking.


Hi Micheal,thanks for the reply


Just to make it clear, i will be importing the models into a tool were only the baked models will be there without any gi, environment, or lighting, only the model.


1.For the repeating textures i have increased the tiling of the maps to 20-30 and unwrapped the texture and baked them. But still its coming pixelated and blurred(although i have not tried 4k or 8k).

2. You are telling me not to bake them, i dont think it will be possible in this tool.

3. Is it possible to achieve realistic baked textures, how we see it in a render(exact ones)

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How is your UVW layout looking? You can have a 100k pixel texture bake, but if you have a poorly laid out UVW space each texture island could only be a few 100 or less pixels big when actually applied to a model.


8k texture bake does not equal 8k resolution on a particular surface. Unless, of course, you only have a single plane.

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