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HELP..Nvidia Quadro K5000 or Nvidia GTX 980


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Hi I just want to ask if i need to sell my current GPU card (GTX 980) to buy the Quadro K5000 because someone is want to sell me the K5000 in very cheap price almost half the price of new K5000 let's say he sell it for only US$600 and i see it on amazon site..the current price is $1,679.00 now my question is do i need to sell my current GTX 980 to buy these to use for my 3DS max and Vray 3.0 for rendering..i always use Max most of the time for 3d modelling and vray for rendering...right now my current GPU does not support VRAY RT..need to upgrade to VRAY 3.1, I look everywhere to find the answer but still im confused..they say the GTX is much faster to render in VRAY but its not stable when you render long hours and not accurate..and does not support 10bit color on monitor...(that's what i read) im not play games that much..so i just need a gpu workstation that i can used long time and give me best quality and accurate rendering..I saw the price of the K5200 is very expensive and its out of my budget...I just need to decide immediately before the K5000 that he sell will bought by others..i told him to reserved for me now...Thank u..

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But i suggest you do many tests on quadro cards, so u can conclude if its "worth" it to you



Dont really believe in what a few others say about certain products. Instead rely on concrete evidence.


Also is the seller local? If not, then the product might be broken....i dont really buy products from individuals that i cant extensively test first.

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