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Checkout Renoise. Its piano scroll based tracker. You can key enter all your notes octaves one channel at a time. Like an old mod tracker program except supports advanced features. Cheap, lots of tutorials and easy to use: http://www.renoise.com

This software is based on the old fast-tracker2 code if anyone remembers that one.


Ahh. Ft2. I am an old ft2 guy. I did a lot of tracks there in the later 90s. Didnt expect ft2 to get mentioned here, very cool! Maybe we could pick that up in in another thread, Keith303 uses renoise today by the way.


I think it's a misconception that digital synths are thin and "digital". I hear a lot from the unproductive part of the music producer family that nothing can beat analogue warmth bla bla. Yes well, nothing can beat actually finishing up a track is my response to them. Try some of the state of the art plugins and you will be surprised.


To the threadstarter, if you are gonna make music, I strongly advice you to get a midi keyboard. No midi/master keyboard = less creativity and uniqueness.

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