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Problem with 'waves' in multilight, any suggestions?


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Hi :)


I've been always using Maxwell and nothing else as renderer, yet I face this problem:

I render a multilight sequence and I put it together, that's what I do:

- Open Photoshop

- Open first file sequence or any and click open as sequence - 23,796

- Export-> Render and I select the bascis, High Quality and period.

The problem appears now, once the mp4 is created, I open it and I see how the progress of the light in the surface creates these "stripes" which are the same ones that appear when an image is loading or in less bits than needed. And I'm stuck here. I made a text for you:


Resolution: 1800x1199 16b





I thought of doing it in lower resolution: 640x480 16b and the result is different. Obviously this can't be used as a solution because no client will accept this.



I am very focused on product and jewellery studio rendering to save money regarding getting around with the costumer's products and therefore the animation should be minimum 1.500px width. But I doubt size makes this problem...I'm confused!


Any suggestions? Maybe it's just too easy and as I have just been doing static render I have no clue of it! :)


Thank you in advance to all of you!

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