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Free Lancing Fees ??


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Studio/Institution: Home
Client: My client
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: Autocad, 3dsmax, Photoshop

Hey Hi,


Can anyone tell me about what amount should i charge from my client :confused:,


for tis kitcehn Work,


My working hour on this render scene in 3 Hour Only,

And tis is my 1st freelance job & 1st client,


Advice me...:rolleyes:


Thanks for your support my 3d mates

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Depends about the ability of the artist,the fee of the render is about your effort and time,there is a way to sell your render,that i thinks probally should work in your in this case,"charge for days" only you know what is the price about your time(T) and effort(E) and convert this in the time and effort for "1" day,put a value for 1 day,if you say that this render scena have been made in just 3 hours,then divide the (T) and (F) of the day in the time that you have to work to produce this scena,your could add more variables to the ecuation,taxes,transport,etc,etc,this is just a sugerence,works for me!

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You need to know your market, what the average fee is, and how your work compares to it. The time doesn't matter what you spent on it, because you may be faster or slower than your competition. The main things to consider are, is the money I make freelancing worth my time, and is the quality of my product and service more or less than my competition. For example, if you spent 3 hours on that image and charge $100, the client may be happier with the work if you spent 9 hours, charged and it was more accurate or had more detail to it. For Example, proper door casing, door hardware, cooktop vent that goes somewhere, a ceiling, more detailed window, etc. those little things that add time but result in a better image that will just "feel" right to the client, even though they may not notice it right away. Basically, it's not always about how fast and cheap you can get it done, it's the finished product and how happy the clients are that in the long run, will pay off.

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