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New section for Octane separate from the GPU renderer section

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So I've just spent the last couple of days looking at Octane and just blindly assumed that their forums would be the place to go for support. It's not.


There's a few angry customers on there and lots of unanswered posts. I myself, after trying the demo, posted an issue about it crashing a lot. Nothing whiny, just a few questions and it never even got approved.


So I think this could be an opportunity for CGA to corner that internet space and get some support going as it's bound to be one of the top renders fairly soon.

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With the 5 people who use it here ? Not even the most popular engine's threads get visited by much at all today. Sub-forums are kind of even "more dead" child of already dead technology, the forums.


I do suggest to join some of the Facebook's groups, but prepare for quite some cluster****. I do stay away from all but this is where most users congregate for each tech. Some are pretty great actually (Quixel's, Polycount,etc.. the more game oriented).


Not sure if the engine will be such 'top' with the kind of support and community you mention. Technology alone isn't everything.

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That's interesting to know. Kind of a shame really because a forum is a good way to present info, larger blocks of text, images and links etc. and can be quite categorised, versus FB.


Just did some looking around for octane render groups on facebook. They seem a lot less like the sort of place you could post questions and more just like a platform for a FB group admin to present links and images for people to comment on. Thoughts?

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