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is Max better Than VIZ for arch rendering??


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hi There


my Boss just mentioned the possibility of upgrading to Max from VIZ

is Max any more Stable Than VIZ? i dont know how it could be any LESS stable




of course, now i can volunteer to do "quaking" Trees with flowing Fountains

using Particle systems, Onyx Tree Storm and etc other endless possibilities


animated Skys (?) in Animations (?)


but what is the MAIN advantage for doing 2d archtl perspectives using Max




idle curiousity is getting The Better of me





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I don't think Max is any more stable than Viz. I have suffered several crashes today alone in Max. Im pretty sure that whatever it is that causes Viz to crash, also causes Max to crash.


For architectural stills, It's hard to think of much of an advantage of Max over Viz. There are some things in Max 7 that are nice like the enhanced poly modeling, better layers manager, a little bit better snap tools, and maybe a couple of other perks but I'm sure all of those things will make there way to Viz when (if?) there is a new release. Character Studio, Reactor, Particle Flow, etc. I don't really see much of a use there for stills.

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