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Autumn Boxelder


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At least I think they're boxelders...


Regardless, here are a couple of tree textures for Thanksgiving. The files are .PNGs with transparency. The originals are much larger, but I'm running out of server space and 800 pixels is still useable for screen stuff.


Also, I posted a brief suggestion on converting these from real to painterly in the Painter forum.




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Thanks for the Images, for Thanksgiving


do you have some SouthWest Trees?

(subliminal hint 1-10 goes here, o please)

They should be cranberries given the season.


Got something in particular in mind, mesquite maybe? Actually, I'm trying to think of southwestern trees that aren't cactus or palms. Of course, there's the ubiquitous oaks. I just haven't painted any lately. There's mesquite, but what else (besides our western palms)?


I'm in Chico, CA, which isn't really desert but is somewhat hot and arid. Help me out here.


Funny thing is I just completed the boxelder paints. I did them with the long promised "assorted trees" collection in mind. Oddly, the paints took two weeks and 2GB worth of files to create whereas the trees are painted in a couple of minutes. There's something missing here. Maybe I should try doing illustration instead.




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Like Randy, I have to ask.....how about a Live Oak tree? That would save my life hundreds of times over.



Should have read the whole thread first. I'll paint some oaks as those paints are done, at least for the most part. Actually, the oak paints are on my list for revising to what I'm calling "precision" and "wall" paints.


If I get a chance, I'll post a tiling masked tree-wall panorama. I don't work with 3D much, but the principle is like a panel with a UV mapped texture, only here the panel is a tube that functions more as a cyclorama or something. Anyone else doing this, or seen it work?

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