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chen qingfeng in the architectural journal uk


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talking about what architects and developers expect visually. asks the question is it art and is there a point to it kinda thing. interesting article.


i could scan it in and paste it up here but i dont know what the legal issue for doing that would be

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would be glad to see that too.. legal issue? i think as long the source will be aknowledge it will be fine...right?.. ;) ... or its more complicated than that..

No you can't reproduce a magazine article without first getting permission from the publisher. Especially on a commercial website such as CGA.

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i still did not got 3dworld issue 62

very happy!!!

and now is Chinese new year,hope Everyone happy with Chinese new year!


I may have to actually leave my studio to get that magazine.




My 3 year-old son's classroom is decorated for New Year, he is very excited, pointed out the 'firepopper' ones. What year is it, and what is the meaning?

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what is 'firepopper'?

for Chinese year,2005 is Chicken year,2004 is monkey year:)


What do we expect from a Chicken year?



In English we say 'firecracker' for small explosives, like used to make noise in Chinese New Year celebrations (at least how its done in New York) and my son was just saying it wrong. The decorations were not real firecrackers, but a lot of small red cloth tubes tied together like firecrackers would be.

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