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WIP: Office Building


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I am new to Arch Vis and to this forum. This is my first Arch Vis project and luckily for me the client is not picky at all. They are used to hidden lines straight out of CAD so anything is a step up. I did this one very quiclky today and am really unhappy with the look of it so far. I am lighting it with one distant light and an HDRI sphere and it just looks very flat and dull. It acyually looks better if I turn off the HDRI sphere and just use luminance from a sky object. I a not going for photo real but would like it to have more life and be more interesting for sure. I would appreciate it if someone could give me a few pointers.


Many Thanks!



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Everyone has room for improvement, thats why we're here. So lets get on with the crit then :D


The Good:

I can see you have an eye for detail. The parking lines, curbs and Accessability signs make that evident. Your modelling is acceptable for most scenes.


The Bad:

I question the view angle. I think I would opt to be a little closer and to the left a bit. I think the view is too perpendicular to the facsade.

Modeling: Add some detail to the entrance doors, ie crash bars. The roof is a prominent element, as such it should be appropriately detailed.

Textures - very weak. The roof, the sky, the foreground tree, glass, and road leave a lot to be desired.

Lighting: Start by learning about standard 3 source stage lighting, then move to fakiosity and eventually GI.


There is a large list of tutorials as a sticky on this forum. Many of them will be of assistance. My suggestion is to read a few on lighting and to try and re-work this scene with only an 80% grey shader on every object. Concentrate on lighting and a glass material.

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listen to Steve, he knows best :)


also, what lighting you using? doesnt look like radiosity is turned on. if thats the case it's pointless trying out image based lighting.


also learn more about hdri. why use hdri for lighitng ur scene? no point. a normal bitmap will do the same job.

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OK, Sorry about the late reply but I just now had time to revisit this. I think it is better and actually starting to look like something. C&C welcome. I'm happy with the brick and roof but not the grass and pavement. I also wish it had more depth, it still looks flat. Thanks for the previous comments.



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