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Looking for a modeling tool


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I have 3d studio max, but many people say that it is not the best tool for modeling. It serves it purpose best as a rendering tool

it's all down to ur point of view and how your working methods are.

there's nothing wrong with max's modelling capabilities. and i personally dont go for it's rendering capabilities either.


test and try out all the demos to see what best suits you. AutoCAD/archicad/formZ/c4d/max/maya etc etc are all excellent modellers.


sketchup is also a great, fast to learn, most versetile modeller, but if you want complex highly detailed modelling then sketchup aint your man.


as i say, horses for courses. try stuff out. we cant make ur mind up for you. what suits you may be crappy for me forinstance.

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Max is about as good as it gets for most modelling unless you want to get really technical when something like FormZ is the answer.

Shetchup is excellent for basic, quick modelling but not detailed, render worthy work.


If you have AutoCad or similar, they are also very good.

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I am a long time FormZ lover. From my experience, it's by far the fastest modeler for architecture. Max's modeling is great for detailed things, like furniture, but for large things it's extremely cumbersome and takes waaaaay too many steps to do one thing.


I've heard good things about Sketchup, though, and may have to look into that at some point.


I also love the GI rendering in Max. Final Render is my choice, but they all do basically the same thing.

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just one think...

use sometimes MAX/Viz for render...

so .. yes MAX/Viz are not good modeler...

actually there are some really good software for pure modelling 3D

amapi PRO, Rhino3D Formz etc ...


i use actually last version of Amapi PRO 7.5

very powerfull modeler ...

can use Nurbs and others specifics functions...

simply interface that you can learn quickly

(formZ and Rhino3D are not very easy interface... but it's a choice...)


you can see some possibility on :



good day ...

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