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hehe, thats in the center of Cardiff. we just came across the Army putting on a disply with tanks and stuff. that was at about 4pm and we'd been on the beer since 10am, and where better to do the YMCA? we ended up absolutely wan*ered that day!!!


(the Army were not impressed. we really scuppered their tuff image that day)

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Hey Mark,


I had a similar situation for a project I quoted a month ago. As nothing like that exisits to the best of my knowledge we quoted a custom photo shoot on a chromakey background. It's not cheap, but if it's important to the client and the budget is there then price it out.


Some things to consider:


1. Model prices

2. Stylist for the models (makeup, clothes selections, extra wardrobe)

3. Photographer

4. Grip (potentially)

5. Director - Likely yourself

6. Bluescreen stage rental

7. Equipment rental, lighting, rigs, etc etc



You can go cheap too and shoot them yourself, but you better know how to light a model correctly and quickly as you don't want to have a model standing around doing nothing as they are typically $100-200/hour from an agency.

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