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secure your pc for free

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Hi guys


Just thought i'd post up links for free downloads for security measures to help protect your pc.


These apps are great protection (and provention) against all kinds of hidden viruses, adware, malware, worms, dailers, trojens etc etc that allot of virus scanners just wont detect.


And touch wood, i've not had any serious problems on my pc in over 5 years.


http://www.lavasoft.com/ - goto the ad-aware personal section on the left




http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html - scroll down to cwshredder and hijack this



and of course - http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/1/



this is just my security package which i update and run atleast once a week. If you know of any more free apps that'll surely help out then please post away :)

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I would recommand to beware of ad-aware. It's a good overall product, but messed with my pc some weeks ago : it deleted a spyware wich was by some way "connected" to windows via the registry. Now, I can't login anymore... I got to reinstall (repair) windows everyday as I can't allow myself to do a complete reinstall right now :rolleyes: 40 minutes lost every morning.... I can't wait to finish my current projects and clean up everything.


To add to Strat's list, here is a free virus scanner :



By the way, Panda software has, with "platinum" (don't remember the exact name), one of the most impressive pc active protection I've ever seen. Some days ago, it informed me the it blocked a port scan and activated a counter measure with ip blocking :eek: The thing is that it's not free... but not that expensive neither. It also deals with viruses, spywares, adwares, etc.

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well another tip, which you should alway do as a precaution, specially in Tonio's case - before running any virus sweep always back up the registry incase anything goes wrong.


very simple and fast, just goto STRAT > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEMTOOLS > SYSTEM RESTORE then take a snap shot.

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Can't find "Strat" on my comp !? :D

Yes that's a hugely useful tool. Sadly, for some strange reason, I have no restoring points available... Got to be my punishment for some sins of mine. Feel like Sisyphe for some time now.

from now on then just switch on the automatic feature :)


anyone else got a STRAT option? ;)

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