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free video tutorial for character studio

stephen gilbert

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with the recent addition of character studio into 3dsmax7 i thought it maybe a good time to add a small set of free video tutorials on how to use character studio as many here may want to add some simple animated characters to populate their architectual scenes...


the first 5 videos cover how to get a chaaracter up and running [no punn intended!]


theni'll add on a basic overview of character studio re creating footsteps and also importing and editing motion captures later on this week...all free for you too!




free video tutorials at turbosquid from me.



3dsmax and character studio [max 4 based but is okay for max3,4,5,6 and max



now up for free downloading:[you'll need to register remember]


part 1 preperation of the model



part 2 creating the biped figure and adjusting it to fit the mesh



part 3 adding physique




part 4 editing physique and envelopes for good mesh deformation

will be uploaded monday


part 5 adding non deforming parts to the character and loaing a bip test


will be uploaded monday



to find these and my other assets on turbosquid just use the searchword





steve gilbert

mobile number: 07941 765 848




- "never let go" -


e n d o f l i n e

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