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Can you help me with this guys, Im doing an interior office reception

with radiosity. I have an attached draft rendering below using the default

scanline renderer in max 6. I've seen plenty of Vray rendering but mostly

with daylighting applied on the renderings. Since my interior scene is totally

enclosed room without daylighting. Would be the setup for the ligthings

(erco ies web files) which i used on the scene should remain or changed it

with standard lights if i have to use Vray? Do I need to do radiosity solution

if I have to use Vray? Because when I tried so with this interior scene, everything turned black? what would be the problem then. Can anyone help me with this?



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Ies lights work fine with vray ....until you try to use photons for secondary bounce .... also the time also increases with ies lights......but it works

regarding the second part of your question..... vray is a rendering engine.... the alternative to radiosity ... i wonder why you would want to use both


good luck

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VRay and radiosity (along with all its features such as raytrace and advanced lighting override materials) are not exactly friends. If your scene is ready for radiosity, rendering with VRay will probably give you a black pic. Remember, VRay and Radiosity are 2 different renderers, not compatible with each other.

That said, you'll have to chose between VRay and radiosity and set your scene for it (materials, lights and shadows).

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I know this incompatiblity!I think that when he switches to vray, he may forget to turn GI on!Vray can handle photometric light.He can use convert utility from vray to convert every material to vray material.only raytraced material with reflection and refraction property may be rendered incorrectly.

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