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Max 7 antialiasing problems!


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Does anyone know what's the problem with antialiasing in max 7?

Check test.jpg and you will see what i mean. Its a low quality rendering but the antialiasing is completely unacceptable.

When i check global supersampling i get test1.jpg, which is much better but still not good enough, and costs more time to render.

I never had to supersample a material without bitmap before. Am I doing something wrong?


The lights used in this scene is an advance raytrace target direct (default settings) and a skylight. (default lighttrace settings. bounce 1 rays 50)


Please tell me what you think...

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Thanx Strat, but my problem is that this was never an issue before.

What has changed in max 7? Why is supersampling needed now and was not in previous versions? Is there maybe a change in some default settings, that have to be tweaked now to get the results we used to get from default? or has the code of the renderer changed and it now requires supersampling?

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