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Ram it!

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Hi guys, i dont know much about hardware so maybe someone can help me solve a little problem. I recently put a 512 stick of new ram (pc2100) in my machine. According to the properties, my ram has gone from 512 to 768? Is there a setting i need to change? a guy at work reckons i have to go into bios and all sorts.

Help much appreciated,



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You got to give more info on your system:

Motherboard - brand and model (bios ver if u know how to check on boot)

Memory you already had in there


Is it possible that you had 2 sticks of 256, and that your motherboard doesnt support more that 256 per dimm? It might, but we got to have the above specs.

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Thanks guys, havnt got the info with me. Both sticks are in correct slots, 512mb a peice, dont think its shared(?), the computer is not on a network and the dude in the shop said as long as they are the same speed the brand shouldnt matter. XP pro OS and the speed is PC2100 on both sticks.

Thanks again.

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