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WIP Lofts


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The bathroom scene is my favorite. Great materials and use of reflections but it perhaps could use just a tad more contrast in the lighting. The others look good from a technical standpoint but look a little lifeless as well. If you could, try adding some wall art and plants to the interior scenes, maybe some table decor as well. For the pool scene some more plants should do the trick.

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I agree with your coments. I also think the kitchen needs some type of lighting underneath the cabinets. I also have to put some type of lighting in the livingroom because it came out too dark and I had to lighten it up in PS and it wahsed it out a little. This is my first real effort at interior renderings so I really need all the coments I can get.


Thank you for your advice.




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1 comment for each image...


bath.. glass on shower leaves a lot to be desired, little depth in the material.

kitchen... bumpmap/blur noise on fridge and bag splash needs to be smaller.

dining... damn that's a shiny floor

pool.... why all the waves in the pool when the rest of the scene seems so calm?


edit.. 1 more, the granite texture on the counter top might be to large.

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