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my degree (very wip)


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First of all forget about my english. I'm writing to you all, hoping you could give me any kind of suggestion about my wip (it's for my degree). The project it's in rome, it should have in itself, different kind of activities, from sport, to music and entertainment. My big question is how to hold my "flying" tubes, i thought about a solution (you can see it in the first image) but i'm not so sure. Extending this solution to all my objects i see there's something i'm not satisfied of.

I'm waiting for any kind of critiques and suggestions.

Thank you all

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I would add a second big question. How is the structure of those "pods" or "shells", they seem to be cantilivering a lot.


Have you heard about "monocoque" structures?.


Have a look at The Media Center from Future Systems. It has been reviewed a lot in architectural magazines. That building has a couple of large vertical concrete supports and a large monocoque aluminium structure, and a large glass screen as yours.


I lilke your idea of Steel legs, but the ones you show look a lot thinner and weeker then they would probably be in reality.


A glass screen of that size requires careful attention. Look for information about "structural glass" or "glass structures". there are several recent books about that subject. Structural Glass by Hugh Dutton, Peter Rice is an essencial book to read, it will help to understand your glass screens structural behavior.


The building looks nice by the way. But don't waste too much time doing more nice rendering, solve the design issues first !!!



Good luck.

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