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Out of Memory


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Ive currently been trying to render out an image at a resolution of 5748x2080 in viz to a .tiff but at the end of each render im getting an error named "Out of Memory" and says "The application has run out of memory and will now close. Do you want to save a copy of the scene: Yes No".


Ive tested the same render on two PCs:


P4 3.02Ghz, 1gig ram, Nvidia Quattro FX 550, 80gig 7200rpm hdd


P4 3.6, 2ghz ram, Nvidia Quattro FX 3500. 160gig 10000rpm scsi hdd



My thoughts are that since the error is still occuring on the second machine that its a viz error and not a hardware one. In that case, does viz have limitations on memory or anything to that effect and is there any reason for why the render is crashing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated




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I think Viz/Max normally can only use something like 1.7 or 1.8 gig of memory before it crashes. I was running into the same problem a few weeks ago.


I think your solution will be to start using the 3gb switch. That will allow you to use all of your physical ram & as much virtual memory as you need when you are rendering.


There is a good how-to thread over at http://www.chaoticdimension.com/forums/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5014&highlight=ultimate+3gb


Note: If you are running SP1 you will need to get a hotfix from Microsoft in order to get the switch working. You need to call to request, but its free.


Hope that helps.

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Hi! I have had that problem before, and still have it. My solution is to divide your rendering into 4 parts, u can do this by setting regions on viewport setup and rendering blowups . and combine them in a photoediting software like PS. Im now able to produce as high as 12,000 res with this method :) Hope this helps.

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Timmatron: Cheers for that, definately helped. It has pointed me in the right direction and at least i know the problem now. Only thing is Im having a few problems getting that solution to work on my pc. However thats not the point, at least i know where the problem is and will have it fixed soon. Thanks heaps


Eric: Yeah still have problems with .tga, .jpg etc. The error appears before the image is compressed I think.


Hotrod: That was my solution for a while too however it wasnt really the desired way to get around the problem

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