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looking to pay for glass help


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After years of architectural exterior modeling I still can't figure out exterior glazing. I've tried every tutorial, read every thread, tried all the standard glass materials, tried making my own material, and none the less I am never happy with the final product.


I considering myself pretty knowledgable and I work in max 6 with vray 1.06n. I have a current job modeled with everything setup waiting to throw on the glass. If you are interested in showing me how to get good-looking realistic glass (and I think I am missing a lighting tweak) send me a private message and we can discuss some terms. Please be reasonable.

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You don't have to pay for it, my friend. We'll try to help you, don't worry. ;-)

Anyway, since you're using VRay, try this:

- VRayMat

- fresnel reflection 100%

- refraction 100% with IOR (only when you have to see its effects).

These are the settings I normally use. Of course, they change from project to project, but not much. Try and see if the results please you.

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You'll also need something to reflect, such as a cylindrical city skyline that is invisible to the camera. Do a google search for skyline or city or something.


For the attached image I simply used a "Standard" material with a blue/gray (R109,G129,B155) Ambient/Diffuse color, and a "VRayMap" set at 80% for the Amount, with settings of "Reflect", a filter color of R188,G223,B255, Gloosiness of 100, Subdivs 50, Max depth 2, Cutoff thresh 0.1, and Exit color black.


Can I explain more about what those settings do? Sure, if I knew!! :) They seem to work for me though. If you want your glass to have more of a green tint, than adjust the colors to the green range. I typically photoshop my windows because I'm too lazy to create a really good Diffuse map for interior background stuff, and modeling interior stuff is just out of the question.


I think by far the most important thing is to use a cylindrical environment or a sphere for your initial glass reflections.


YEAH, YEAH, I know, glass doesn't have shadows, unless it's dirty. My glass is dirty! Besides, it looked a little strange with the shadows missing on the glass.

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