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Help! Exporting workable hidden-line drawings to AutoCAD from a 3Ds model?


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Anyone know how I can export a 2-D hidden line rendering of a view from a 3dS MAX 6 or VIZ model that I can edit it in AutoCAD?


I am looking for a feature that I used to use in Microstation, "export hidden line" where I could capture a view of my 3d model (whether a sectional view, a plan view, a perspective, or an axonometric view) and edit it as a flattened 2D image with hidden lines, etc.


Basically, I want to take a bunch of sections and axonometric views from my 3D model in 3Ds MAX (complete with hidden lines and objects in the distance), and edit them in AutoCAD.


I know how to cut sections using the section object, but is there a way to actually export a view to a 2d (flattened) autocad image that I can work in Autocad? This way I can apply a slice modifier to my whole model and import a hidden-line drawing of that section view into AutoCAD...


I've searched the web about this and asked a number of people, and I know that there was a plug-in called Vecta3D that came on a CD with VIZ 4 that would allow you to produce hidden line renders... But I'm not sure whether this means a hidden line type raster image, or a hidden line drawing that is a flattened 2D vector file of a 3D view (which I can edit in AUTOCAD).


Any help would greatly appreciated!

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here's a convoluted method:


render out a line drawing from MAX/VIZ (using finalToon or some such thing) making sure that you are outputting a vector file (.ai or .eps or even .fla)

--open that vector file in Illustrator 10 or above

--save as an autocad dwg from Illustrator

--open new .dwg in autocad and edit away


is there an easier way?? Probably…


maybe you could save your MAX/VIZ file as a .dwg or .3ds and open/import that file into auocad, then trace what you need and use flatten.lsp(search for it, it's free) to get the "2D" drawing

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