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MAX 6 Mental ray photons gone in MAX 7


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same file, same render, setup was done in max 6 Mray and workes fine...

openend in Max 7 no changes and no photons to see for miles ?!

I know M7 Mray is handeling photons casting in a different matter dan M6, but I can't seem to find how to solve this one... :confused:


anyone has come up with a solution in a simular scene ?

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as far as i know the scale and system units is fine...

otherwise they would not work out in M6 either

decay from spotlight is ok in max 6 why should it change in M7 ?


but i will check if opening the file in M7 does not change the scale : if you check/uncheck the 'respect units in drawing' that could happen...

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It's not the decay in the spotlight, but the decay in the global settings for GI.


Are your lights set to use Global Photon parameters or local? They usually are global, and this means you have to setup the parameters in the render scene dialog, not in the lights.



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