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3 archi VRML scene


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- Thanks to visit my new site about VRML+Bscontact extensions,

You can find here 3 Architecture scenes with lightmap.






- 13 news scenes, all in VRML+Bs ext with Intensive using of :


.JAVASCRIPT for interactivity

.LAYER3D : graphic interface with windows, menu, contextual information

.MULTITEXTURING : detail mapping, lightmap, effects

.COMPOSITETEXTURE3D : informations screens, advanced textures






- Coming soon: PROTO, TUTORIAL, no immersive 3D scene.



RAMI Hachmi


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WOW! that's really cool! i had some problems with the navigation at the beginning until i understood how it works.


impressive programming and work. your vrml-worlds have great interactivity. do you code manually or do you use some content-editor for your vrml-worlds?


i love archi3 exmaple most. good lightning and great atmosphere. i am especially impressed by your trees. would you mind to share your technique you used for the trees? did you use some special program or are they made by hand?


i see that you also use gif for transparent textures instead of png. bs-contact has some transparency-problem with png, it only works well with gif :(


i would love to see your landscape example too. would you put it online please? the screenshots look great!


maybe you are interested too... here is a simple visualisation of my flat, no special navigation-features though:




best regards, olaf

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Thanks, I like your work too, very good radiosity lightmap,

realistic rendering. Your Ikea-sofa is perfect !


- With 3dsmax, do you use a plugin for render the radiosity ?

All my archi model are lighting with LMM, good prog but in Beta.

I'm going to try gile.


- About interactivity , script made manually with VRMLpad 2.1, sometime

Cosmoworld for making somes events connections. Making Proto for reusability

of javascript: In all scenes the interface is the same.


- Just trunk and billboards for foliage. I make trunk with 3ds, you can make

it with extrusion, for foliage, texture with photoshop, and then I place

all the billboards with cosmowords (I like cosmoworld placement tools),

I repeat operations for all Level Of Detail. Then I make Proto with the

three for quick reusability. I see this technique from a demo.

Billboard technique is not right for all sort of threes.


- About png, yes " it only works well with gif", that's too bad


- My landscape scene is online, bad textures and low speed: javascript




- I'm working on a proto for putting some peoples(bots) on vrml scene,

I put the source on my site when it's ready.


best regards, RAMI Hachmi.


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wow, thanks for your words. i appreciate it from such a vrml-expert like you!


the lightmaps are all rendered with standard max radiosity, no plug-ins. i like max-radiosity a lot and it is very quick. before i used lightscape for my scenes, but now i prefer max, because i can unwrap my scenes directly and the vrml-export is also nice.

i played around with gile a bit and for simple scenes it is very good, but for more complex scenes with good radiosity max is best.


i watched your landscape scene and i like it a lot. it looks very vivid. the trees and the grass look very nice. you must know that i am infact a landscape-architect and i was always looking for such an interactive landscape quality. until now i didn't manage to achieve such effect with my own landscapes. all my trees were crossed-planes with 3 planes and different textures assigned to each of them to avoid repeating patterns. so the texture-amount was very high and my landscape scenes became very big, although the area was quite small compared to yours.

one of my very first vrml-scenes was an urban visualisation of a new bridge. i don't have the scene online, because it is too big, more than 10mb :-( but i attached some screenshots, so that you can see the "look".


i will try a similar tree technique to yours the next time.


best regards, o.

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glad you like it.


well, if i manage to make a more optimized version of this scene with lightmaps etc, i will let you know and upload the scene. i always wanted to make a new version but i didn't have time until now.


at the beginning i didn't know anything about multitexturing, so for this vrml-scene all textures were rendered as complete-maps with shadows, grass and ground all included, therefore i had to render them quite big: 2048x2048 to get enough detail, but the performance already sucks and the files are way to big! :(


i attached screenshots from other examples:


the first one was a project at university called "ecocity" and i made a more abstract overview of the area.

the other one is only a model of my old flat which was really small. i made a 3d-model of it to see how to put all the furniture. and later i tried to make a realistic vrml-scene of it.

all these old examples were still done in lightscape.

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- Excuse me for my late answer and thanks for the screenshoots.

Your lighmaps are very realistics.

About the Ikea-sofa lightmap, do you make the mapping manually in 3DS

or do you use plugin ?


- For the urban scene, I am impatient to see it, I very like this



- From your november message "turn off smooth viewpoint animation with scripts", with BScontact :


DEF Camera Viewpoint {

position 20. 0. 13

orientation 0.280596 0.949487 -0.140498 0.9704

fieldOfView 1.025

jump FALSE # no smooth

description "Camera"




best regards, RAMI Hachmi.


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hello rami


i do everything in max. i attach all objects to a single one and do uvw-unwrap, sometimes i edit the uvw-mapping manually if i can improve some parts, then i calculate radiostiy-solution and finally render to texture as lightmap. after exporting to vrml i have to merge the texturecoordinates from both models (textured and the lightmapped one) very similar to the method described in your tutorial.


thanks for your help with the viewpoint, i tried your examples, but the viewpoints still change smoothly. i tried it in blaxxun contact and in bs-contact, both animate the camera.


i think it should work with the browser object extensions as described here:



the flag is called "setViewpointAnimation" but i have no idea how to implement it as i have no experience with javascript :(


what do you think about alternatives to vrml like quest3d or virtools etc?


best regards, olaf

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- Thanks Olaf for your lightmap method, I'm going to try it.


- About viewpoint, I don't remember if I must set FALSE or TRUE

to jump field for no smooth transition. I make one example in a zip

file on my site and I send you the adress (1/2 day) .


- For Web3D/3D there is toooo many technologies: viewpoint, quest3d,

virtools, Adobe atmosphere, flash 3D, Blender 3D web ...

It's difficult to make the right choice & some of their are very

good rendering & good development environment.

But they are all, not open format like VRML/X3D !

They can be tommorrow, not supported by their compagny !


I think for 3D professionnal, VRML/X3d is right choice for today

& a good investment for the future because this is an ISO standart

supported by consortium.

One standart, many implementation on various OS (browser, java applet,

library, windows, linux, mac ...), fantastic browsers like BScontact, cortana, Pocket Cortona, octaga ) ...

For the future with MPEG 4 VRML/X3D can be the right solution for

encoding 3D data.


best regards, RAMI Hachmi.


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hey rami!


thanks in advance for your viewpoint-example. you can also send it to me with email. unfortunately you haven't provided your own email-adress in your cg-architect account so i cannot send you anything.


here is mine, would be great to read from you:



best regards, olaf

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hey folks it has been a long time ago that i played with vrml.


but now i was trying to make something different and find a new formal language for some more abstract and sketch-like visualisations. i call it 3d-sketch.


this is a very simple scene i created to test out how it could look and maybe i will use this technique for an upcoming project.

i like this sketchy look and would like to know what you think about it.


attached a screenshot and the link to the vrml-scene (use blaxxun or bs-contact):



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Wow, that's pretty cool!

You are using wireframe model (converting shape node to line node?) superimpose over the model, then using baked shadow + Photoshoped sketch effect on the textures?


yeah exactly, you got it!

first i really wanted to sketch all the shadows by hand, but this would make it too complicated i guess hahaha... photoshop does the trick. but the wireframe-model was not so easy to create. i used sketch-up for this it has the only vrml-exporter i know that can also export lines. unfortunately they are out of scale compared to the original model, so i have to rescale them afterwards, unfortunately the sketch-up vrml-exporter creates a very "rough" and dirty code, all nodes are ungrouped and not easy to deal with...

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Yes, very nice effect!


It's a shame there aren't more 3D apps that export VRML IndexedLineSet. I personally have just got into the habit of exporting to 3dsmax ASE (ASCII Scene Export) format, then I cut 'n' paste the coordinates into an IndexedLineSet node. There are a few groups working on X3D and VRML exporters for the various 3D apps. Maybe that's a feature that we should request?



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