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8 x i7-2600 lenovo thinkcentre's for sale

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Hi guys


I have the below I would like to sell....any interest firstly?

I have no idea what shipping costs would be and might or might not affect the price. So testing the waters.....let me know.



I have 8 x Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge compact desktops(Workstations) in immaculate condition. (only used 3 of them for a farm)


Selling as a bundle


Size approximate: 30x35cm


Specs detail: https://support.lenovo.com/za/en/documents/pd024281



Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge

I7 2600 @3.4GHz

Quad Core

Ram DDR3/ 12G



Win 7 Pro


- Only 2 or 3 of them have Ram

- These are amazing workstations with many safety and backup features by Lenovo.

- Absolutely no sound from computer fans etc. 100% quiet





15036349_10154510433150791_317521296945525642_n (1).jpg

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