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missing Max6 dll's - how to delete for Viz?


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I've got a file that was started in Viz2005, but then sent to another person to work on in Max6. Now that we get the file back for more work by us, there are messeges that Viz2005 is missing the ParticleView.dlo and LightTracer.dlo.


We are able to click past them and get the file to work fine, but for an upcoming animation, I don't want to have to go around to all our net rendering computers and click thru the warning before they time out.


Is there a way to delete all references to those dlo's?


I've had various other files go between Viz and Max with no problem, as long as they don't add anything that Viz doesn't have. But they must have initiallized something that I can't get rid of. I really wish Max has some sort of Save As function.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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There is a way, however it will mean that you will lose your lighting solution. First talk to the person who sent you the max file. See if they can delete particles (water, smoke - whatever) and use either standard set up lighting or with radiosity (or whatever is compatible with what you have -mental ray etc). It seems they used lighttracer - available to max not to viz


If that is not possible, open the scene, goto to select objects tab, and delete lights and any thing associated with particles (if they are efficent workers they would have properly labeled what effect are). Use a radiosity solution, (standard lighting, mental ray, Vray, whatever).


If this is not an option, your best bet is to open a fresh scene in viz and merge all object except for lights and particles. THat I believe should do the trick.

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To remove the Light Tracer, simply choose "No Radiosity" in the Advanced Lighting Panel.


To remove the Particle View error, delete the Particle objects. Do a Select By Name and you'll find them. When you select them, they'll display as "Missing something" in the Modifier Stack.



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