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high noise level

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Hi all

I just bought my self a dual zeon system now evrey thing is working fine

exept for one problem .. it,s too damm noisy the sound of the fans

of the processor are too hight I,v tryed reinstalling the fans

but nothing works the hardware guy tells me that these are intel new fan

system whitch increass their speed with amount of heat in the box so they

stay cool3d any one had this problem ....

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my best suggestion is trash the fans and get liquid cooling.




fans are control by the computer's internal themometer. The hotter it is, the faster your computer tells the fans to rev. Higher the rev, the noiser they get. In duals you have 2 fans so its twice the noise.


Most likely your case is not ment for duals. Probably too crowded not letting enough air flow. you should increase the number of external fans - drill some holes attach fans on the side panel, or you can just remove the side panel of the tower entirely.

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Take a couple minutes to look at this thread. You will find some links to some silent coolers for about 40$ a piece. I bought them, but found that they still needed more air circulation, so I strapped a couple of very quite fans to them and it works like a charm. You will see pics of my setup on the very last post in the thread. Worth the cost to me.


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Hi Omar

The Cooler Master passive HSFs are most likely not available for you in KSA. I have the same problem here. Orbitmicro would ship international, but the price is almost $100 for shipping only.

Another solution (depending on your motherboard and how close the CPUs sit next to eachother) is to buy 2x 60mm to 80mm fan adaptor (about $2 each) and two good 80mm fans (about $7 each) and mount them instead of the noisy intel fans.

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At my office, my dual is SUPER LOUD. I remeber my first day getting it. The administrator and I were baffeled how could a computer make so much noise! It was so loud infact I had to take the side panel and proped a home fan beside it, if I didn't do this my co-workers started to cry saying it sounded like we were in a factory, and we needed proper ear protection - puh!.


However, for home I just bought a dell precision workstation with duall xeon - oddly enough its quiet - almost too quiet! I actually miss the noise :D .

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