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Wiring the studio for workstations away from cabinets?

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Hi all


Hopefully, as some of you seem to work, run decent sized studio's, you can help me out with some tips for wiring my new offices in the new year.


We'll have a cabinet with rack mounted workstations, and render nods, which will be in its own room. I need to get keyboard, mice 2xmonitor and spare usb/firewire cables out to each(5) work desks. The room is already got trunking running around the walls, so its mainly the cabling issue Im interested in. For instance, do usb cables have to have a booster after a set distance?


Most of the work desks will have dual monitors, so 2x cadles for each there. So far im up to 2x monitors, 1xUSB Mouse, 1xkeyboard, 3XUSB spare(camera, external HD, Tablet).


Im thinking one USB cable and use a 4xHub, still leaves 2xmonitors and the keyboard, although that could be USB or use an adapter.


To sumerise, Im looking for any tips and tricks you may have from your experiences, setting up a 5/6 person studio.


Look forward to your advise.

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Have a look at the Adder Link X series KVM switches (page 12 of latest Misco networking catalogue arrived today!). There is one that allows you to run KVM over Cat5/6 cabling, including dual video and also USB1.1, but can't figure out if you can have both options together. They may be a bit expensive though.

I've got 3 USB (2 printer and scanner) on a 5m cable with a powered hub - no problems there, dunno about 10m.....



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