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Living Room


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great image dude, but may i share a few comments


1. room is predominantly beige.. cannot distinguish the color of the blinds with the walls


2. couch and pillows look a bit "rocky"


3. you have a plasma screen on the wall, and yet the image looks dull..?

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Bossing.. mkay, everything is noted...


i am still having a problem with the furniture selection.

the curtain certainly needs sme improvement... we are on the verge of exploding in our pants to get the proper refraction, even if we check the affect alpha slot,still there is no alpha if we use refraction with glossiness...

Regarding on the plasma screen, hehehehe, my bad... i used vray material for the screen glass and i guess vray doesnt cooperate much with refraction. thanks for noticing and i will give it another try... :)


@ Sonny: thanks... hope that i can post an update soon... :)

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adding to the above comments i guess the floor is too bumpy....has a waxy feeling i may say...

why are u modelling a sofa...i see the model u are using isnt that hard to find on the net....try e-interiors.net...they have excellent ones sure one of them will suit your scene...

adding some vegetation will help alot...

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