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Losing my Mind. (Glass Issue)


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Hey Guys;

Having a hell of a time trying to trouble shoot a glass material Issue... (which is kind of embarrassing to be honest...) Anyhow.. It seems after layering 2 panes of glass I get this weird Blue color, where the planes meet up. See attached Images... Any Ideas?

Mat set 1.JPG


Glass Help.jpg

Mat Set 2.JPG

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Is your refraction and fog set completely to 255? Sometimes with refraction you can have just a slight change in one of the colours compared to the others and that colour may become very dominant. That would be the first thing. Then I'd check without the fall off. Then I'd make the material again, newly in case the material is corrupt for some weird vray reason. Next would be removing all smoothing from the model, in case it's trying to bend weirdly (I don't think it is, just going through the sequence of actions I'd take.) Next would be to try and figure out where the blue is coming from. My first guess would be a light, so turn off all lights and then turn on one and see if the blue is there. We had weird blue in a pool the other day which was from a vray sphere light which you couldn't even see. If it's not lights then I'd check to see what it's reflecting as it may be reflecting something in the scene, which is blue. Any models with no materials on or with standard materials may cause something like that.


If that doesn't handle it. Next would be vray override material on everything apart from the glass. Turn off all lights apart from the sunlight. If it's still there, make a new temp sun with a different light and see if it's still there.


If it is.... gahh... I have no idea. Last solution would be checking for backface cull by turning it on and assigning a non-refractive vray material and then resetting the xform.


If none of that works I'd probably call someone or post here. :)

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I would turn off the gradient falloff and use the build in Fresnel on VRay material, also check if there is not color in the fog settings. You can increase your refraction depth on the material but there is one also in the render window it self.

Check normals and smooth groups.

Be sure to only use double side mesh or single side mesh do not combine.

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