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scanner variation

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*i have this scanner HP model Scanjet 3500c (for pro, i guess), purchased awhile ago..first image attached is a sample output it gets, setting is resolution (ppi)=150, output type=millions of colors (24 bit). A yellow 'lines/stripes'. appears! most of the pictures comes out with the same results, even I increased the resolution, still the same. and takes a bigger file size! As sample, one image: resolution=150, 1197x1012x24b jpg = 1.62MB size! :confused::confused:

second image from HP Officejet G Series (3-in-1, printer-scanner-fax machine) from other PC, not mine....gets a better quality!! with the same image size, but not sure about the resolution..


*Whats the problem on my scanner? Does the resolution plays the role?

Plsss help!.




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