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Rpc Shadow Probs!


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Im doing a design of a conference room, using an RPC chair with

ies radiosity lighting. If i include the rpc chair on the radiosity,

the chair appears as a silhoutte on my rendering, however if i exclude

the rpc chair on the solution, it appears ok but it's not showing any

shadows. So what seems to be the problem? is there any solution

for this? Is this normal to all RPC objects?


Just find the attached image.

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I guess it all depends on which software you are using. For VIZ, at leat my version, if you tell the RPC to cast a shadow the shadow looks like the 2 planes that the maps are applied to. i am sure I am not decribing this correct. I also got funny glares on the planes, and it made them look bad. I now nothing about Cinema, so I have no idea how they work with Cinema.

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