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NCS colors to RGB???


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hey guys!


For a current project, my client provided all the color info in NCS... And I was wondering if theres a free program out there that can convert these to RGB values?


I tried easyrgb.com but I think you can only convert it the other way around there - rgb ---> ncs...





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Found myself to have the same problem. A friend asked me to write a program to design cabinets with a photo realistic preview for customers. But the materials he uses had only NCS color codes. I found a webpage from Sweden or Norway, don't remember, with a script which converted the NCS color to RGB values. The only problem is that it is impossible to make a perfect conversion. Due to the very essence of the NCS color system. I used the script to make a small VB program which could convert from NCS to RGB.

I you like i could send the project files, drop a message to toniotonba@gmail.com




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Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is NCS?


I found the NCS website but wondering if it's just some European version of the Pantone Color Matching system and what it's advantages are over other color systems - I see that it claims to "describe colors exactly as we see them" but I don't really see how it could be more accurate than RGB, CMYK or PMS.

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Hello Hazdaz,


check the wiki at http : // en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural Color System

(sorry, i cannot post links)


NCS is trying to capture the color how we see it, imagine the color red in daylight, and in the evening. The color seems different due to the lightning, but the color itself has not changed, but what we see is different. NCS is trying to discribe the perception of the color.


Its helpful if you want to match colors together, but not if you would mix paint. then you need a precise discription of the color itself.


At least, this is my understanding of NCS? anyone knows more?


greetings Antoon

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