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Iain Denby

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Where can I aquire models of typical casino stuff ?...card tables, roulette tables etc. They don't need to be very highly detailed.


And lots and lots of slots.


I do not think I have ever seen any of that stuff on model sites. I just checked a very good site with a huge collection of SketchUp stuff (easily converted) but nothing. You may need to build your own, but then you need specs.


I assume you are rendering a casino, so does your client at least have plans and elevations for the stuff? They really are not very complex as objects, just the decoration.


My sister is a designer of the graphics for casino games, now does on-line gaming. If you cannot find anything else, I'll ask her if she has any drawings or models.

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Many thanks! They will be perfect for my needs. Of course it's not the modelling that's the problem for me really, it's knowing the type and size of these things. I've already produce conceptual exteriors but they now want interior conceptuals...I haven't done one of those!


Mmmm...if only I had some Craps and Roulette type table thingys as well ! ;-)

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