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taking excessively long!

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It's very likely something you installed, but I have the same problem with my machine as well. I rebuilt it and some application I installed makes it take about 2-3 min for the windows screen to show up. Sure wish I knew what it was. Let me know if you figure it out.

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I had the same problem with the Laptop. I wondered if there was something like premium gasoline I could put in it to make it faster. Never found that kind of utility.


I re-formated the hard drive and started all over and was able to correct the situation by 90%. On my desktops I still have the problem. I was tempted to use premium gas.... He He He Jeff....! Hi Hi Hi


It drove me crazy having to wait sometimes up to 8 minutes for the thing to boot up. Now I have it booting up in less than 1 minute. My desktops take 3 or 4 minutes.


Good Luck




Don't use the gasoline.... I am just kidding....!!! A glass of water will do as well without the risk problems.... If you look in the internet this is a very well docummented problem. Most people blame Bill Gates.....!

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Actually I think I solved my problem - I found out at the symantec website. Now my Comp is running super fast!!!! no more lag!!


I have multiple computers networked in my home using Internet connection sharing (ICS)


In Network places > Local Area Connection > Properties, I set my Internet protocol properties to follow an IP address manually - instead of the comp trying to find it automatically.


Now my comp boots up in seconds instead of minutes. This problem only seems to happen if you have multiple computers networked and have norton internet security software (ie antivirus etc.)

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None of the above helped me. It's still slow. I scan for spyware all the time, My internal network has always been static and bootvis did nothing.


The only thing that looks similiar to most is that I run Norton AV Business edition.

Norton AV, latest release.............well after upgrading, I can't say what I really think, Jeff might ban me.


To minimize the lag you have to disable all the bells and whistles- no pop up blocking, pass word manager.... Just use the basic AV function. Seems that Norton whats to scan everything at all times, great for security not so great I've found for start up and Lan flow. I'm running w2k on the "internet dedicated desktop", dedicated IP's, Internet through a Wireless Modem, Linksys router and Hub to 5 machines (mixed op sys win98, XPhome, w2k & XPpro).


You may want to as needed manually start the bells and whistles. Even start Norton AV after boot, at your own risk if connected to the web through on an always on connection. I'm just using the AV function and things are much better, still some minor lags here and there.


I paid my subscription-guess I have a year to find something better. I have all the freebie's like lavasofts ad blocker, AVG, trojon hunter on all of the other machines with no problems and they seem to work as well as Norton AV, without the BS.



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There is a huge difference between Norton Security (which includes Norton AV consumer edition) and the Norton AV corporate edition which is only AntiVirus. The footprint for this version is about 50% of what the consumer edition is as its meant for servers.

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Well here is the full solution if anyone is interested:


I take no responsibilities. Be aware if you have a renderfarm ( I don't have a render farm at home so I don't know what will happen) changing your IP may screw your render farm set up.


Norton products may be a reason for slow performance in your system running Windows XP. This seems to be an issue with Symantec Common Client Program installation.


This solution will work only if the computer is on a private network -- that is, multiple computers networked in your home using Internet connection sharing (ICS) or a router that has a firewall and DHCP server.


-Click the Start button.

-Click Control Panel.

-The Control Panel window appears.

-Double-click the Network Connections icon.

-The Network Connections window appears.

-Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.

-The Local Area Connection Properties window appears.

-On the General tab, under This connection uses the following items:, click -Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click the Properties button.

-On the General tab, click to select the radio button Use the following IP address.

-In the IP address: field, type 192.168.0.x where x is the specific number designating each system on the network.

-In the Subnet Mask: field, type

-Click OK twice to exit Local Area Connection Properties.


For an alternative solution, visit Symantec's Support Web Site at http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/ and search their Knowledge Base for Article ID: 2003030712430206 Title - "Windows XP computer startup is slow after running LiveUpdate and installing the Common Client program update."

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