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Dell PowerEdge r810


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Good day


I need some advice please. I am planning to get me a Dell PowerEdge R810 2nd hand and I want to use it as a render PC for 3d Max and Vray. There is only on board Graphic card. I work on one pc and would render on the Dell server. Would this work and can you render on the server knowing that the Graphic card is a very low spec? See link below.




Kind regards


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Yes, James is correct, if all that you do is CPU rendering, you should be fine with any video card.

Having said that, unless you are getting that rack server for a very, very good deal. I would recommend you to take a look any builded AMD Ryze or Threadriper machine, you will get way more rendering power for a fraction of the cost of that DELL Rack.


That machine has too many features that you will never use.

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If you get those generation of Dell servers from ebay, you really can make a good deal


eg. for $500 a 20/40 core machine ( 2 Xeons equipped , from a total of 4 sockets available... )


ONE of those Xeons still costs over $4,5k alone here: https://geizhals.eu/intel-xeon-e7-4870-bx80615e74870-a615501.html


CPU clock is a bit limited, but maybe you can find a higher clocked variant anywhere

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