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Changing Color of Model in 3Ds Max 5 - Duh


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O.K. I'm showing my level of stupidity with 3Ds here. I just purchased the Dosch Library of Cars and need to change the colors a bit since they are all silver.


I tried playing with some of the settings, repainting the material on the car, etc. with no luck and called 3D Nature and they do not know how to do it.


Can anyone tell me how to change the color, I picked the shell of the car with the eye dropper and got WHITE BODY. Which settings would change the color??


Thanks in advance. When no one knew how to change the color at 3D Nature, I gave up quickly knowing that there was the CGArchitect forum. Nice to have such great support 24/7 from around the World.


Attached is a screen capture with where I am.




Mike White

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