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RAM player problems


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i have a sequence of 2700 .png frames and i am trying to make an .avi file out of them...the problem is that the RAM player loads only about half of the frames and when i try to save what has been loaded as .avi or quicktime it just does nothing


i think i have a problem with memory; first i kept getting messages such as "running low on virtual memory" then i made the paging file bigger but still nothing...


also before the player starts loading the sequence it has a window with the number of frames etc...one of the is something about max memory> i put 4000 in and when it started loading frames it showed -95 in the memory slot


anyway...is there a way to fix this or should i look for some other software?

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Use the Video Post feature in max to assemble your images. Since it doesn't try to load the images into memory, you won't have these issues.


Otherwise, add more memory, increase your virtual paging size, or use some other software to assemble the images, such as Adobe Premiere or Combustion.


Have fun!

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