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Paving, Curbing & Parking on irregular slope


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MAN OH MAN... I worked for years solving this one, but here is the secret.

Form your terrain.

extrude your curbs... gutters... streets.. sidewalks or whatever has to be conformed to the slope. Be sure to extrude the object further than the difference between the lowest and highest elevations of the terrain.

Create a copy of your terrain as you will need it!

Boolean the curb and terrain using the "INTERSECTION" operand. this should leave you with a curb that follows your terrain.. just edit mesh and extrude the face 6" for the height of the curb.


This works for gutter.. road, sidewalks, plazas... and on and on.

IT WORKS GREAT, let me know how it goes.


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To model the curbs, though, your best bet is to use a plugin like Glue to conform a path spline to the surface, then create the curb object with a loft. Otherwise if you don't use the loft to control UVW mapping and tiling, the materials you apply will never look right when your curb bends or takes off at non-right angles to your UVW gizmo.



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